In Carlsbad, many residents and small businesses count on San Diego Tax & Financial Associates with their tax planning and tax preparation needs.  We are conveniently located in the Carlsbad Tech/Business district, near College and Faraday.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Individual Tax Preparation

Our Carlsbad, California tax professionals understand the complex tax code and will work diligently to ensure you take advantage of every deduction and tax credit available to you.  Whether your tax return is complex or basic in nature, we will prepare your taxes correct the first time at a fair price.  In addition, we will provide you with advice on how to minimize your future tax liabilities

Business Tax Preparation

Having a local tax professional to help guide you through the tax traps for your business is important. Our IRS Enrolled Agents are qualified to assist you in the planning and preparation of all your business income tax needs.  San Diego Tax & Financial Associates provides a broad range of services for your business.

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Are you in charge of proper tax filing for an Estate or Trust?  You have been placed in an important fiduciary capacity, which we can assist with.  We can help from the IRS Fiduciary Notification and filing for an EIN to the planning and preparation of the proper tax returns.


Have you ever heard your investment professional say he/she does NOT provide tax advice?  Why don’t they?  Every decision they make has tax ramifications.  Two recent examples we encountered when people were not given proper advice:

  1. We recently met a new client who had a job change the prior year. His financial advisor recommended he role his 401k into his ROTH IRA account.  After meeting with us, he learned he would owe more than $65,000 in taxes for the conversion.  Fortunately, (and with A LOT of work), we were able to “undo” the conversion for the client.
  1. Another new client had been contributing to her IRA for as “long as she can remember”. Her income has been too high to qualify for an IRA deduction, which means her IRA account has a “basis” (a non-taxable component).  We asked her to provide us this important information and her investment professional informed her it was “not their job to know that”.  After 10+ hours of research, we determined her cost basis.

Once we learned the cost basis, we also determined converting the IRA to a ROTH IRA had almost zero tax impact (remember the non-taxable component) and she would never have to track the basis again going forward, nor pay taxes on any gains in the future.

We believe understanding the impact of taxes is important when creating wealth.  We can help you design a Financial Plan and Manage Your Investments in a way that lessens the impact of taxes.


Do you know how much life insurance you have?  Do you know how much you need?  Whether you need help with Life, Disability, Long-Term Care or Health Insurance, the professionals at San Diego Tax & Financial Associates can help you.

We will evaluate your existing coverage and provide an apples-to-apples comparison with your options. We are not insurance salespeople…we are comprehensive financial planners who use insurance as an important tool to protect our client’s assets.

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If you live in the Carlsbad area, you can count on San Diego Tax & Financial to be there for all your Tax, Investment and Insurance needs.  We look forward to working with you soon.